Minimum Standard Acceptable:

  1. Uniform worn as determined by the employer.
  2. Footwear worn as determined by the employer.
  3. Well groomed.
  4. Not under the influence of any alcohol or drugs.
  5. Wear sunglasses only to protect your eyes.
  1. Preferably at employers cost. "Black trousers" does not mean cargoes/denim/corduroy versions. Visible contrasting coloured clothing worn underneath a designated shirt is not acceptable.
  2. "Black shoes" does not mean trainers with contrasting coloured flashes.
  3. Men - shave or grow a "full set" or moustache.
  4. Smelling of alcohol is also unacceptable.
  5. Wearing them for "effect" & when greeting clients, is rude & detrimental to the apdi ethos "meet & greet" eye contact is polite.


Minimum Standard Acceptable:

  1. Arrive at least 5 minutes prior to designated start time, and sign-on ready to be briefed, at the start time.
  2. Attend any required "end of day" de-brief and sign out.
  1. It is not acceptable to arrive exactly on or after the designated start. You may not be paid, if not.


Minimum Standard Acceptable:

  1. Licences should be valid & available for inspection.
  2. Should licences be revoked or surrendered, it is the responsibility of the member to inform the APDI.
  1. By appointed APDI officials. Inform any committee member, in writing.


Minimum Standard Acceptable:

  1. Ensure all "duty of care" items are covered at all times.

For each and every client under your responsibility, helmet size/strap must be checked prior to the client getting in-car. Seat belts must be checked for correct fastening prior to the client moving off.


Minimum Standard Acceptable:

  1. Ensure all available apdi forms of indemnity/terms & conditions are signed by clients prior to driving a clients car.
  2. Intercom devices should be adequate for the car in use.
  3. Ensure the client adequately briefs you the instructor on a cars' systems prior to you getting in.
  4. Refuse to continue "in-car" when you become aware of a safety or mechanical fault that cannot be fully rectified.
  5. When data logging systems are used, teach the client how to read/use them.
  6. Drive a clients' car with due respect & within your limits.
  1. If you choose not to use these documents it is entirely at your own risk.
  2. Adequate means…working and loud enough.
  3. Failure to cover this renders you liable.
  4. Failure to do this will definitely make you liable in the event of an accident.
  5. Simply explaining what they show does not help the client. Get them to use it themselves.


Minimum Standard Acceptable:

  1. Do not post anything derogatory on any social media site that may be seen to be or construed to be detrimental to the APDI, at any time.

This includes any negative on-line behaviour, in picture or spoken format, and includes videos uploaded to YouTube or other video stream that demonstrate any incompetence on your part that may in any way harm the public perception of the high level of standards and experience in both competition and instructing/coaching demanded by the APDI of its members.


Minimum Standard Acceptable:

  1. It is the members' responsibility to take advantage of & to keep records of any personal professional development that he/she undertakes.
  2. Ensure any changes to qualifications are logged with the APDI.

2. Inform any committee member of the apdi, in writing.


Minimum Standard Acceptable:

  1. Ensure all regulations issued by trackday operators are complied with.