The APDI (Association of Performance Driving Instructors) is on the verge of imminent launch. The APDI was born out of an initiative originally voiced amonst ARDS Instructors working at Silverstone.

The aim of the APDI is to:

  • To provide a forum for instructors to share information.
  • To campaign for enhanced status & promote benefit for using instructors.
  • To advise instructors on their duties of care, legal liabilities and insurance matters.
  • To provide guidance to both incoming & existing instructors.
  • To assist with employment issues, regarding employees and own status.
  • To communicate to members information about all of the up-to-date publications, literature and equipment available.
  • To act as a coordinator and representative body to represent the instructors' voice on consultative committees.
  • To promote safety standard improvements through the use of standard training methods and equipment
  • To encourage and potentially organise seminars and training for further development and continuing education of instructors