Head Rest Mount

A road-car headrest camera mount by ARDS instructor Chris Dymond.

Headrest mount has been designed and developed by Chris Dymond after a number of people on track days had cameras removed from their cars because they were not physically attached. Headrest mount overcomes that by clamping to the cars headrest pillars, and as a result has been officially endorsed by Gold Track track days and approved for use at every major circuit in the UK, including ALL Motorsport Vision venues!

Headrest mount offers an "over the shoulder POV" and 4 axis of movement for camera placement, whilst being stable as the cars seat acts as damper. Several large publications have already published images taken using Headrest mount,
There are 2 packages Standard and Deluxe.

Standard includes:

  • 1x Headrest mount
  • 1x60mm Mounting post
  • 1x 7 hole mounting arm

Price £120 +p&p

Deluxe is as standard but also includes:

  • 1x125mm mounting post
  • 1x 10 hole mounting arm

Price £188.40 +p&p (a saving of £20 over buying the parts individually).

There are 4 colour options available Red, Matte black, Blue and Gold, and a bespoke service with custom colours and individual machining options is available.

A Bucket/sports seat model is in development as well as a roll cage mount.

Info Pack PDF Dowload:

Headrestmount Info Pack PDF
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